Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About is a free video hosting provider. We offer free video hosting for all your content and even allow you to put two banners, a 300x250 banner and a 728x90 banner on all your videos to earn money from every visitor you receive! (see below for more information).


Making money with

Making money with is easy! Signup for an account, enter your banner code(s) in your profile, upload your files and link to the videos from your freesite, mgp, linklist or any other type of website. When a visitor views your file, two of your banners will be displayed. What is the maximum allowed filesize? The current maximum allowed single filesize is 500MB, however you can split videos up into several parts and upload them as a gallery. My upload has failed, why? Many things can cause this. Your internet connection may have been briefly interrupted by your ISP and caused the upload to fail.

Currently we allow the following filetypes: avi, dv, flv, mov, mp4, 3gp, 3g2, mpg, mpeg, rm, wmv


How long will my files be available?

Files are kept on the server indefinitely.


How do I delete a file I've uploaded?

If you have registered, after you've uploaded a file you can go into "Manage My Videos", in your account settings and either select "edit" or "delete".


Why has my file been removed?

Your file may have been removed due to being in breach of the Terms of Service. We're legally obligated to remove any files that violate our Terms of Service.


Are there any restrictions on what I can upload?

You are free to upload any file that is in compliance with our Terms of Service.


Can I upload movies in sequential order?

Yes, you can upload video albums in order. To do this follow this example, name your files like this; 001.avi, 002.avi, 003.avi...Our software will display 001.avi first in your album.


Do you have RS/XMLS Feeds?

Yes, you can grab the last 100 videos uploaded here:
We also have feeds for each category on the site, you will find the RSS feed for each category on the category page at the top, as well as this you can do a search for a keyword, eg. "Anal" and click the RSS icon to get all movies with the keyword “Anal” in it.


How can I report files?

Please use the "inappropriate" button to report a single video. If you need to report a complete gallery please use the contact form with a link (URL) to the gallery. Please explain why exactly the file is violating our Terms of Service and we'll take a look.


Can I rename my videos?

Yes you can rename your videos by logging in to your account and clicking "Manage My Videos", select a video. You can then manage all the attributes for that video, by altering the "Title" field, this will rename your video.


I’ve lost my password, how do i access my account?

Please use the Lost Password form to reset your password.